Natural Health Based

Natural Health Based

Praesidio Health

An industry-leading, Canadian medical research company that develops and validates natural health medicine (NHM) using an evidence-based process.

Natural Health Based Medicine DEVELOPMENT

Praesido Health blends leading natural health products using a certified lab. This unique formulation is used to test effects in patients according to evidence-based guidelines.

Additionally, we're branching out to conduct medical research of NHM use in chronic visceral pain conditions (including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Interstitial Cystitis), anxiety, cardiovascular disorders and menopausal symptom relief.

Praesidio Health benefits from an exclusive partnership with Exdeo Clinical Research Inc., which has prominent expertise in study design, patent organization, and federal regulatory compliance, and has completed more than 24 large-scale Urology clinical trials.

Pioneering NHMs and therapeutics, Praesidio Health is actively developing several NHMs for utility in a range of urological conditions. We're also arranging evidence-based research on select NHMs showing clinical efficacy in proof of concept studies. It's timely, considering urological conditions affect approximately 40% of men over 50, and the aging male population in North America is driving sales of BPH drugs to projected revenues of 5 billion dollars (USD) by 2021.

Praesidio:  to protect (Latin)

We originally started as a group of physicians in 2018 with a common goal: To become a medical chaperone to patients requiring natural health based medicines.

Over the past decade, while the demand for natural health based medicines has been rapidly increasing, we realized there was very limited and inaccurate information available to our patients.

Wanting to improve our patients' health and keep them safe, we formed Praesidio Health. By developing evidence-based clinical standards and guidelines, we help prescribing physicians optimize their patients’ treatment and safety.


Natural Health Based Medicine Research

Clinical Trials

As an integrated clinical trial organization (CTO), Praesidio Health evaluates NHMs and therapeutics for safety and efficacy. All of our trials are ethically approved, follow good clinical practice (ICH-GCP) guidelines, and adhere to Health Canada and FDA regulations.

Comprehensive Clinical Process

We advance NHM development through systematic clinical trial management. Our medical specialists, statisticians and authorities can design a clinical study for you. We can also conduct and manage a protocolled NHM clinical trial, testing your proprietary NHM in a scientific, evidence-based evaluation.

Clinical Trial Design

Praesidio Health's in-house medical research team offers clinical trial consulting services to organizations with NHMs in development. We can also develop custom trial designs to test other NHMs in specific medical conditions.

Clinical Trial Management

Our research specialists provide clinical trial management services to organizations with NHMs in development. We cover all aspects of clinical trials, including global site evaluation, selection and monitoring. Additionally, our team optimizes patient accrual and streamlines study logistics, including regulatory and credentialing processes for individual research sites. This expedites study completion and publication of clinical trial results.


Clinical trial design and management services are negotiated individually on a contract basis.

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. George Vrabec MD FRCSC (Urol.)

As a Urologist, Surgeon and Principal Investigator of Exdeo Clinical Research, Dr. Vrabec has conducted more than 30 clinical trials in a wide array of Urological diseases, and has published in various journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine. Known for optimizing operating procedures and bringing creativity to science, he serves on multiple boards, including Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation.


Chief Pharmacy Officer
Bob Mehr, B.Sc. (Pharm); FIACP

A dedicated family man, established community member and a pioneer in the healthcare industry, Bob Mehr is a prime example of what hard work and forward thinking can accomplish. Since 1999 Bob Mehr has been the President and CEO of Pure Integrative Pharmacy. He and his wife, Mahtab, opened their first Pharmacy in Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island. Since then, Bob has gone to open 14 Pure locations in Greater Vancouver.

Bob Mehr


Chief Operations Officer
Keith Peterson

As Chief Operations Officer, Keith utilizes his decade of experience working with small to global organizations in achieving revenue goals, accomplished by process improvement, business development, and expansion of strategic partnerships.    A conceptual and analytical thinker; able to interpret, and synthesize complex business issues and strategies.  Keith is passionate about marketing and sales with deep expertise in regulatory compliance, commercialization buildout, and product launch.