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Researchers report on the effects of a common herbal remedy on inflammatory bowel disease. A new study shows that DKT -- an herbal medicine containing ginger, pepper, ginseng, and maltose -- reduced the severity of colitis in lab mice by preventing the loss of important gut bacteria and by increasing levels of immune cells in the colon that fight inflammation.
8:42 AM Aug 17th 2022
A team has found that electrical stimulation of the body combined with sound activates the brain's somatosensory cortex, increasing the potential for using the technique to treat chronic pain and other sensory disorders.
5:33 AM Aug 11th 2022
People with sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy sleep behaviors could develop fatty liver disease, according to new research.
6:10 AM Jul 28th 2022
New research in people with a cluster of heart disease risk factors has shown that consuming green tea extract for four weeks can reduce blood sugar levels and improve gut health by lowering inflammation and decreasing 'leaky gut.'
10:26 AM Jul 26th 2022
A study found that after three months of practicing a modified form of Tai Chi in which participants are seated, stroke survivors had improved hand and arm function, sitting balance, mental health and quality of life, compared to stroke survivors who participated in a standard stroke rehabilitation exercise program. The study is the first randomized controlled trial to indicate practicing a seated form of Tai Chi early after a stroke enhanced health outcomes.
7:10 AM Apr 7th 2022