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A study found that after three months of practicing a modified form of Tai Chi in which participants are seated, stroke survivors had improved hand and arm function, sitting balance, mental health and quality of life, compared to stroke survivors who participated in a standard stroke rehabilitation exercise program. The study is the first randomized controlled trial to indicate practicing a seated form of Tai Chi early after a stroke enhanced health outcomes.
7:10 AM Apr 7th 2022
A research review into molecular insights of a licorice-derived substance called glycyrrhizin for preventing or treating cancer suggests further research could lead to specific agents for clinical use.
10:20 AM Apr 6th 2022
Numerous studies have shown that spirituality can help improve quality of life for people with chronic diseases like cancer. According to a literature review, spirituality can also have a positive impact on quality of life for heart failure patients.
11:10 AM Mar 28th 2022
Researchers believe that tannic acid plays a role in inhibiting three important molecular pathways involved in the SARS-CoV-2 infection.
6:06 AM Mar 9th 2022
A meta-analysis of 26 studies that included more than 5,600 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 has found that taking immune-boosting micronutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc do not lessen a patient's chance of dying from COVID-19.
9:23 AM Feb 17th 2022